I knew CBI was different from other boatyards when I inquired about space availability and was told I could be placed on the waiting list. There’s a much more personal touch than the place we previously stored our boat. Examples: there’s an on-site ice membership, an annual boat safety inspection by the Coast Guard, a monthly newsletter update, and additional email correspondence as needed. Plus, the yard is well maintained.
Mitch Jones
CB’er since 6/2014
The Carolina Boatyard provides safe and economical facilities for my boat as well as easy access to the Wando. Brad & Tracy run a great facility and are always willing to cooperate when a special need arises.
Jeff Palmer
CB’er since 11/2008
CBI is always friendly and very attentive to your questions. Great family run business. Perfect location for us.
Ray Lombardi
CB’er since 5/2013
Carolina Boatyard is a great facility managed by a top notch owner. The yard is always neat and well maintained. The wash area can handle two boats at a time so I have never had to wait. I have parked my boat in her yard since 2009 and I have watched her business grow as she continues to find ways to please here customers and continues to re-invest in the boatyard.
Jeff Smith
CB’er since 7/2009
This is a well run boatyard in a perfect location on the upper Wando River. Directly across the road is a separate and convenient launch ramp facility, so boating from this location couldn’t be easier. Security is always emphasized by Tracy, and she is all about the protection of our property. They have a nice and roomy wash down shed that helps me keep my boat nice and pretty. The “Ice Club” is a no-brainer, and it’s always stocked with 10 lb. bags for cheap! Tracy is very attentive to her clients and she is there all the time checking on things. I am a happy customer and can’t think how Tracy and Bradley could make it any easier to do business with.
Allen Johnson
CB’er since 6/2009
We were new to the area and are so thankful we found Carolina Boatyard! Tracy was so easy to work with and set everything up quickly. Always clean, easy to get in and out if, and very conveniently located. The wash down area and on location ice supply is awesome! I feel very safe with my boat as the security is top notch.
Kyle & Rebekah Lockhart
CB’er since 8/2015
Great staff, great location, and great rates! “The facilities and staff are great. We really enjoy the location and are glad we chose Carolina Boatyard.
Mark Aukamp
CB’er since 8/2009
Carolina Boatyard is TRULY dedicated to each customer by showing genuine concern in the well being of each boat on the property. Tracy is always there because she and Brad live one minute away. So lucky to have a great place to keep my boats and “cheap ice”!
Hank Coombs
CB’er since 5/2011
I have been with Carolina Boatyard for the last three years and their service has been outstanding. They offer a secure storage site that allows you to feel safe about your boat. The cleaning station and the bagged ice program are two of the things that make them the best choice for me. Tracy and Brad are good people that are working to keep the Wando clean and are always looking to improve the quality of service they provide.
Buck Rogers
CB’er since 2/2007
We have really enjoyed storing our boat with Carolina Boatyard. It is safe, efficient, convenient and has everything we need to maintain our boat well. It’s also nice to know that the owners keep us informed when things are changing or happening in the area and truly care about their customers.
Dawn & Eric Maynard
CB’er since 7/2015
Liz and I did our research and Carolina Boatyard thus far is convenient, secure, and competitive priced for services provided. We are very happy with our decision to take advantage of Carolina Boatyard.
Wayne Butler
CB’er since 11/2009
Carolina Boatyard is friendly and convenient.
Joe Rainero
CB’er since 8/1998
Carolina Boatyard offers a secure setting with 24/7 access, and the convenience of a wash down area at a price no one else comes close to. Plus, if you haven’t met Tracy, that alone will convince you that this is where your boat should be stored. I am a seasonal boater but this is where my boat will be when it’s stored.
Doug Fordham
CB’er since 10/2009